WTE Power Plants

REMS-BD Is Countries First, Thermal Treatment Gasification (Syngas) Technoogy For WTE Power Generation Plant Introducer.

Renewable Energy Solutions

REMS-BD Introduces the most efficient and Updated forms of renewable Energy Solutions Like hydro-thermal, tidal, wind, and solar.

Green Building Solutions

REMS-BD works with environment responsibility and resource-efficiency throughout a building's life-cycle: from design, construction, operation, maintenance, and renovation.

Green City Design

REMS-BD is ambitious with well defined goals, to make Nextgen Green Cities with Electricity generation using renewable resources,building codes favouring green technology, public transportation,Efforts and policies to cut waste and reduce water consumption.

Green Living Solutions

REMS-BD helps the clients with Interior and Exterior Design and Installation. Landscaping,Home Remodeling, Edible Landscape, Raingardens, Plantings and Project Management thus you remain Healthy Naturally.

Energy Efficient Industrial Lighting Solutions

REMS-BD helps the clients with Home & Industrial Energy Saving Lighting Solutions. We help clients Installing dimmers lights, DIY projects, thus clients can knock out to help save energy on lighting.

Managing Director

Shehzad Mohammad Sayem, Managing Director of Renewable Energy Management Systems Bangladesh. He has versatile career in Investment on Technology Projects.

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Director and Business Lead

Tania Jahan Kanta, Director and Chief of Business Strategy has vast knowledge and achievement in her career at Business Development Areas.

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Director and C.O.O

Zaman Tuhin Zohn, Chief Operating Officer as well as Director of The Company has a versatile Business career and Well Knowned Personality in Corporate World.

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Message From Management

We Represents Technology, Services, and Support that you Need.

We take responsiblity for world climate.

Waste to Energy is a Net Greenhouse Gas Reducer. It has more than 20 times the potency of carbon dioxide and is ranked as a dangerous contributor to climate change. Waste to energy facilities avoid the production of methane while producing almost ten times more electricity from each ton of waste compared to landfills. REMS-Bangladesh in Collaboration with GPE-LLC USA is working with the most efficient Technology of WTE. Considering the global climate issue REMS-Bangladesh is continuously working with new technologies and Ideas that can add value to Global Climate challenge.

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